Name and Colours

1.1       The name of this Association shall be the Eastern Suburbs Zone of the Combined High Schools Sports.

1.2       The colours of this Association shall be red, white and blue.  Association, hereinafter called the Eastern Suburbs Zone.



Aims and Objectives

2.1       The aims of this Association shall be:

2.1.1   To promote and organise sporting competitions and championships between the member Schools of this Zone.

2.1.2   To select Zone Representative Teams as required to compete at Zone, Regional and CHS Levels.

2.1.3   To select Zone Representative Teams to compete against non- CHS School teams at any level.

2.2       The Association shall be responsible to the NSWCHSSA. and to the Sydney East Schools Sports Association.

2.3       The Association in principal adopts the National Junior Sports Policy(1994)  as a statement of its own aims and objectives.




3.1         The Eastern Suburbs Zone will comprise of the following High Schools:

  • Alexandria Park Community School (APCS)
  • Cleveland Street Intensive English High School (CSIEHS)
  • Conservatorium High School (Con HS)
  • J J Cahill Memorial  (JJHS)
  • Matraville Sports (MSSH)
  • Randwick Girls (RGHS)
  • Rose Bay Secondary College (RBSC)
  • South Sydney (SSHS)
  • Sydney Boys (SBHS)
  • Sydney Girls (SGHS)


3.2       Membership is conditional to the payment of an annual affiliation fee which shall be determined at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Half payment of zone levy is to be paid by time of Zone Swimming Carnival each year and full payment paid by June 30th each year.

 3.3      Other Schools may be admitted with the approval of the Regional Directors of Education.

3.4       Students attending the Zone Member Schools shall be eligible to participate in the Competitions, Championships and teams organised by the Association provided that they are amateurs in terms of the definition of the N.S.W. Dept. of School Education and they are not in the year of their 20th birthday.

3.5       Students must be an enrolled member of a School to compete for that School.




Executive Officers


4.1         Executive Officers of this Association shall consist of:

4.2         President

4.3         Two Vice-Presidents

4.4         Honorary Secretary

4.5         Honorary Treasurer

4.6         Publicity / Webpage Coordinator

4.7      These Officers will be members of the teaching staffs of the member schools of the Association, and their appointment shall be by the election at the AGM.




5.1       The Management and control of the affairs of this Association shall be vested in the Executive and the Management Committee.


Management Committee

This shall be composed of:

The Executive

The Sports Organisers of the member schools (or their nominees).  The Convener of any Sport involved directly in an issue under discussion (who is deemed to have voting rights).

5.3       The Management Committee shall conduct the everyday business of the Zone.

5.4       The Executive may act on behalf of the Management Committee on matters of urgency which occur between Meetings and although such decisions may be overturned by the full Management Committee at its next meeting, the Executive member(s) concerned will in no way be held responsible for the results of such decisions.

5.5      SUB-COMMITTEES may be appointed to operate on certain matters on behalf of the Management Committee but all decisions shall be subject to the approval of the Management Committee.



Duties of Officers




i)          Shall chair all meetings of the Management Committee, and the Association.

ii)         Shall be a signatory on all accounts of the Association.

iii)         Will act as Chief Officer of the zone and represent it at all times.

iv)          Shall keep a record of the Schools who hold various trophies/medals/shields, and gear belonging to the Zone; will also be responsible for the collection of the trophies prior to the AGM each year, to enable presentation (at individual schools)



i) Shall take the chair in the absence of the President, and shall assist the President at all times.

ii) Shall be a signatory on all accounts of the Association.





i)             Shall manage the affairs of the Association.

ii)            Shall call and/or give notice of all meetings as required.

iii)           Shall be responsible for the compilation of the Annual Report

iv)           Shall handle all correspondence of the Association.

v)            Shall record and distribute minutes (via email)




i)             Shall receive and bank all monies in the name of the Association.

ii)            Shall receive and keep all accounts incurred by the Association and shall pay such accounts as directed by the   Management Committee.

iii)           Shall prepare a financial statement and budget for the forthcoming year for approval at the AGM each year.

iv)           Shall prepare all financial books of the Association and submit them for audit at least two weeks prior to the AGM each year.




Shall highlight performances of students in the Zone on the Zone Website, as well as keeping other Member Schools informed of successes within the Zone.




i)             Shall arrange Zone trials, being chairperson of selectors with power to co-opt.

ii)            Shall prepare a report on his/her particular sport for the AGM.

iii)           Shall interpret and publish where necessary a list of Zone Rules for the particular sport.

iv)     May arrange Semi-Final and Final draws, venues and neutral referees/umpires.

(v)     Be responsible for the overall coordination of the particular sport.











7.1.1   Any member of the M.C. may attend any meeting.

7.1.2   Management Committee Meetings shall be held throughout the year as determined by the Management Committee.

7.1.3   Special Meetings may be called at the request of Sports Organisers from three(3) Schools or the President.

7.1.4   Conveners may attend all Management Meetings but voting rights are as determined in 7.3 below.



The Order of Business for the Annual General Meeting, to be called each year shall be:

1.         Apologies

2.         Minutes of Previous AGM

3.         Business arising from these Minutes

4.         Correspondence pertaining to the AGM

5.         Presentation of the Annual Report

6.         Presentation of Financial Statement and Budget

7.         Adoption of Annual Report and Financial Statement

8.         Election of Officers


Vice-Presidents (to max. of 2)



Publicity /Webpage Coordinator

Conveners of Individual Sports

Delegates to Regional Meetings

9.         Adoption of Fees for following year

10.       Notices of motion for which due notice has been given

11.       Adoption of Sports for following year

12.       General Business




The Judiciary Committee shall consist of any three of the following:  the President, the Secretary, the Convener of the particular sport and two other members of the Management Committee whose Schools are not involved in the case.  This Committee shall hear all cases of send-offs referred to it by the Management Committee and all cases of players requiring disciplinary action as set out in the By-laws or the Rules of Conduct of the game concerned.  All result sheets and reports pertinent to the case in question will be available to this Meeting.



i)             Voting rights shall be limited as follows:

ii)            One vote per Member School plus one vote per convener of any sport directly involved in any resolution.

iii)           The Chairman shall have a casting vote.

iv)           Proxy votes in writing will be acceptable. Voting at all meetings shall be by show of hands unless a secret ballot be requested by any member.




Quorums for meetings shall be as follows:Management Committee – 3 schools represented

Annual General Meeting – 6 schools represented




The President shall chair all meetings unless he/she requests otherwise.  In the absence of the President, a Vice-President shall chair the meeting.  In the absence of both of the above, the meeting shall elect a chairperson from the floor.



Meetings shall be conducted according to the standing orders of the NSWCHSSA.


7.8       Any vacancies on the Executive or of conveners may be filled at any Management Committee Meeting.




8.1       The Financial Year of the Association shall close on NOVEMEBER 30TH.

8.2       All monies received by the Association shall be received by and banked by the Hon. Treasurer in the name of the Association.

8.3       The Bank account of the Association shall be at the Commonwealth Banking Corporation and shall require “two signatures out of four”.

8.4       No commitment shall be entered into for the expenditure of funds except by resolution of the Management Committee.




9.1       The Management Committee shall determine regulations and conditions for the organisation and control of competitions within its authority and establish by-laws as are necessary for this purpose.

9.2       5 Team competitions for semi finals – 1v4, 2v3

9.3       4 Team compeitition – straight final



10.1    The following awards shall be given by the Zone:  Life Membership Blues;  Age Champions in Athletics, Swimming, Cross-Countr; Trophies/Certificates

***  Zone Blues – Policy TBA



Life Members may be elected at the Annual General Meeting.  Nominations for Life Membership must be in writing and received by the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the AGM.

10.3    The Rules for the awards of Blues, Age-Champions and Premiership Pennants shall vary from time to time as the Management Committee sees fit, as set out in By-laws Nos. 14, 15 and 16. ________________



Constitution and By-laws

11.1    No changes shall be made to this Constitution except at the Annual General Meeting or at a specially-convened Management Committee Meeting of which at least fourteen (14) days’ notice shall have been given, in writing, such notice to include the reasons for such meeting and agenda or included at the discretion of the management committee.

11.2    Changes to this Constitution shall require a majority of at least two-thirds of those Management Committee members present and eligible to vote.

11.3    Changes to the By-laws of this Zone shall be by simple majority at the Annual General Meeting or at a specially convened Management Committee Meeting, of which at least fourteen (14) days’ notice shall have been given, in writing, such notice to include the reasons for such meeting and an agenda.

11.4    Changes to the Rules governing individual Sports will be made by a simple majority at the Annual General Meeting or by a simple majority at any Management Committee Meeting.

11.5    Standing orders not covered by this Constitution and By-laws shall be covered by the Constitution and By-laws of the N.S.W.C.H.S.S.A.